Christopher Boey | Fractional CMO

Christopher Boey is a marketing specialist who leads marketing, acquisition of market share, sales development, and company growth. He offers executive-level experience on a “fractional” part-time basis, bringing invaluable experience and perspective to any business, but at a fraction of the cost and expense of a full-time employee.  A Fractional or part-time Chief Marketing Officer can bring value to companies where having a full-time CMO wouldn’t make sense, either fiscally or practically. As a Fractional CMO, Christopher Boey provides THAT level of value to your marketing and advertising…at a fraction of the full-time cost.

Other benefits to hiring a Fractional CMO:

  • Businesses benefit from fractional CMO services when they do not need a full-time CMO but still require expert strategy and leadership and often enjoy the fresh perspective, executive experience, and flexibility a fractional CMO provides.
  • The decision to bring in a fractional chief marketing officer as opposed to a full-time CMO makes sense from many different angles. This can be for financial reasons, as full-time CMOs can cost a significant amount, or because the amount of work required by the CMO does not require a full-time executive.
  • Ensure you have access to high-level marketing strategy, decision making, and execution without the costs associated with a full-time CMO.


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