Has your business grown to a place where it can use a professional marketing officer (CMO) to further develop your marketing program, but budget and time restraints just don’t justify a full-time offering? Perhaps consider working with a part-time or “fractional” CMO (fCMO) instead. Acquire the same expertise and insight as a full-time executive would provide, but at a fraction of the cost, on a part-time basis—and for a fraction of the cost.

A fractional or part-time CMO serves all the same duties and responsibilities as a full-time marketing executive, but at a level and rate that better fits your organization. For instance, if your company is relatively small with limited resources or a smaller advertising budget, the fCMO will use those hours to focus on leading your marketing department, provide insight and guidance on marketing initiatives, and establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

An adept, part-time CMO will tailor their services to your needs and resources, meaning you can benefit from their leadership and industry knowledge, but on a budget that fits your current model.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a high-level executive responsible for overseeing and managing an organization’s marketing efforts. The specific responsibilities of a CMO will vary depending on the company’s size, industry, and specifics, but here are basic foundational responsibilities:

  • Create a foundational marketing Mission Statement, a map to follow regarding all marketing efforts.
  • Developing and Implementing Marketing Strategy: Creating and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the organization’s overall business objectives. This includes identifying target markets, setting goals, and determining the best marketing channels and tactics.
  • Drive revenue by increasing sales through marketing activities.
  • Develop the structure of an organization’s marketing department.
  • Develop and negotiate advertising programs.
  • Create marketing campaign ideas.
  • Customer Insights: Gathering and analyzing market research and customer data to understand customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This information is used to inform marketing strategies and decisions.

Christopher Boey has been a Fractional CMO since 1993. With an emphasis on Internet marketing, Chris has led teams in the development of hundreds of websites. Website types have ranged over the years from classic brochures to e-commerce, and custom code. There is so much pressure on website performance today. Creating the correct experience is more important than ever.

Today all websites fall into the “Internet Marketing” category (they actually always did but years ago there was nothing but “web design”). Amongst the social networks and do-it-yourself web design, your own managed & maintained website is still your singular, most important place on the internet. It will always be this way regardless of what social networks and DIY shops may have you believe.

Make your website the first place you send a prospective new client or customer. Instead of making excuses for your site, be proud of what it says knowing you are levering your investment to its maximum potential.

Align with 20 years of experience in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Internet Marketing, and SEO; and together as a team we’ll figure out the next steps to success.

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